So this morning I went downstairs for my daily bread, and saw that the fences were removed today.

The changes:

- They destroyed one of the big stairs, now there's only 3 of them, and the landing is way steeper than it was before. With the destruction of a great part of the big 4 they build a small plaza with new ledges.

-On the front, they build a new ledge right in front of the museum's door. It's a ledge similar to the one everybody skates, the one that is extremelly rounded. With the construction of this new ledge, resulted a new ledge to drop, similar to the famous "hole ledge", but smaller. It's also possible to do tricks over the ledge.

-The famous hole ledge is now a ledge that goes along a set of 7 stairs .

I snapped some photos to show how it looks now. Sorry by the shitty quality I used my cell phone.

This is the new ledge:


The new stairs and the once known as the "hole ledge":


There's this metal grid but it is fully skatable:


The big 3 with a much steeper landing:


With the destruction of a bigger part of the big 4 they build like a small plaza:


And they also put some of these marble ledges that look amazing:


Hopefully those new changes will bring some new life (and tricks) to the whole place.